Vintage Recordings

Recorded in Nashville, Tennessee.
Song written by: DeWayne Burcham/Mack Vickery/HL Shields
Published by: Jack O' Diamonds Music

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Born To Boogie
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Flash and the One-Eyed Jacks
10 Song CD

  1.  Magnolia
  2.  Surround Yourself In Love
  3.  It Takes Me To My Knees
  4.  Born To Bogie
  5.  Alabama Girl
  6.  I'm The Reason That You're Gone
  7.  Music Down In Tennessee
  8.  Me and Ms Chablis
  9.  Oh Please Louise
10.  You've Still Got Me

All Songs Written By: HL Shields, except Magnolia written by J.J. Cale, Alabama Girl co-written with Jim Goff and Me and Ms Chablis co-written with Vince Rundus.

Born To Bogie Published By: Gold Shield Publishing

All Other Songs Published By: Chip N' Dale Music except Magnolia published by Fairwood Music (UK) Ltd

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